Don't Wait. It's Never Too Late. Are you doing the things you want and dream of? 

Are you the person that says "I'm too old... I'm too (fill in the blank).

You know that you want to keep your body in its best condition — now, and in the future so you can run and play.

It's possible to be that better you, but you have to take the next step. No one can do that for you and it's your choice.

Stay the same - Be the same

I will help you get fit, strong and have better balance and flexibility, but you need to take the first step.

Go to the CONSULT TAB and take the first step. The first call is FREE.  What do you have to lose except being the same?

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We are you!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important as we age.  The earlier in life you can start the better, but it's never too late to start. Moving more, eating better and avoiding behaviors that hasten the onset of disease are all part of the equation.

Medical Professionals With a Goal of Living our Best and Healthiest Life

We are Sandi and Bill Feaster. Sandi, a nurse, personal trainer and wellness coach, and husband, Bill, a physician and wellness devotee are both well into our journey as seniors. Sandi, is in her late sixties, and Bill, turned 70. We have both experienced health and fitness challenges, so we understand the various aspects of aging first hand.  Given those challenges,w e are devoted to having the best healthspan possible. In fact, we just planted a vineyard on our property, so we plan to be around to reap the rewards of our labor in a few years and keep enjoying our playspan!  Are you ready to move more and enjoy your encore years.

What You Can Expect

On this website you will find blog posts focused on aging and longevity, links to T60 fitness classes and how to get started making new habits. And if you want, we'll provide 1:1 coaching.

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We encourage you to sign up so we can notify you of new offerings, blog posts and other helpful information. 

If all you want to do is take a quick read that’s OK, too.  

We just ask you to take the information we present seriously and think about how you can adapt your lifestyle to live a healthier you.  It is your life and we want it to be the best one possible.


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