Why can’t I lose weight, and keep it off? Part 1 of 3

Man eating doughnut

Are you one of those people who goes on a diet, loses weight, then gains it right back? Is your Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 30 (that puts you in the obese category) according to calculations? Is your waist measurement bigger than your hips? Eat Less Move More You and I have always been…

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How To Utilize The Big 4 To Keep You Working Into Your 70s

Person working at their desk

Written by William Feaster I plan to work well into my 70’s.  Why?  Well, most importantly, I like what I do and have a lot more value to add to my profession.  Second, I don’t yet see myself being successful in retirement.  I’m not likely to enjoy keeping busy with hobbies and golf, and there’s…

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Senior Retired Couple Walking on Beach

Health Literacy maybe the key to a physically active lifestyle and active aging How easy is it for you to understand the information you get from your healthcare provider? Do you look up what he/she said to you when you go home? Do you prepare for your visit with your healthcare professional by having a list of…

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