Back to school tips that will get you focused

Remember how good it felt to get back to school and get into a routine.  The warm summer days that seemed to have little routine and idly continued until they abruptly ended, and school began. It was a shock when it was over, but also provided a sense of predictability and security as we settled into the new routine. 

Those warm summer days

Kids do better when they have a regular routine.  Back to school usually provides that routine. Why not apply this same concept to our own adult lives. 

I live close to the beach and feel the change when Labor Day is over.  The weekend traffic in our town improves and the pace slows.  We still bask in the summer warmth, but without the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

There are several tips that work to get children focused and on a schedule, why not use them ourselves?  Below is an adaptation of Back to School for adults to help us get into a good routine.

Have a hard conversation with yourself

Write it down

What are the most important things you want/need to do?

Do you need help getting it done?

How much time do you need to accomplish it?

What can you realistically expect?

Ease into your new routine

Start small and add a bit more each day.

Make your new schedule visible

Keep it the simple.

Use a checklist or a post-it note on the frig or computer.

Refer to it each morning to keep you on track.

Celebrate successes


Acknowledge when you have complete tasks and kept your routine.

Reward yourself with a nice bath, manicure, or for me it’s going for a run.

Adapted from:

Sandi Feaster