What does the way you walk tell about your age?

Couple walking

How fast do you walk? Ambling along at a leisurely pace might seem like an ideal anti-stress strategy, but if slow-and-steady is your usual speed, it could be an indication that you’re aging more quickly than someone with a faster gait. “How fast people are walking in midlife tells us a lot about how much…

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What can you do about germs lurking in your house?


Do you regularly do fall cleaning?  I used to love it when the air was crisp, the leaves had turned a beautiful orange and red, the windows were open and there was the smell of bleach as Dad cleaned the windows. Mom was cleaning the living room and vacuuming the furniture, it was so fresh…

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Flex Appeal: Don’t be a Frankenstein.

Standing on toes

Why should you care if your ankles are flexible? Do you want to walk faster or better? Want to run or bike? Do you just not want to fall?  As you age your muscles tighten and your range of motion in your joints lessens. Have you considered what happens to your feet and ankles? Like…

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