2020 is Your Year to Stand Tall and Strong

We are at the top of a new decade, how exciting!  What is your vision for this decade?

How well you live tomorrow is how well you treat yourself today. Unknown

Think Strong and Tall for this Decade

Skeleton having fun
Enjoy Yourself, Remeber to Have Some Fun. Laugh.

Your skeleton is key to keeping you upright and looking vibrant.  Ever notice an older person who stands tall and proud (think of a ballerina) versus someone who is hunched over? They may be the same age, but how they present themselves to the world makes a difference.  Old and tired or young and vibrant.

Mom Says

Remember mom always said – Stand up straight!  Why did that saying pass down through the generations? Perhaps it was a harbinger for everyone sitting and tapping on their computers and smartphones?

It’s Not Too Late

Skeleton Hunching Over A Computer
Do you or someone you know look like this at their computer?

It’s true that bone mass peaks in our 20s and we begin to it lose slowly over time. But wait, we can keep those bones strong and make mom happy, too. 

Here’s What You Can Do

  1. Treat your bones to a diet high in veggies and fish. Even a little sip of wine a la the Mediterranean Diet.
  2. Lift weights or do activities that put some weight on your bones (that can be doing some jumping jacks, run in place, squat to jump – anything to put pressure on the bones).  You don’t have to do anything fancy like overhead presses with heavy barbells. Just grab two cans from your pantry and lift them up, if you’re really energized add a squat at the same time.
  3. Stay on your feet instead of sitting. Get those steps in and use your legs. You don’t have to be a marathon runner, but try and get those 10,000 steps in.  Take it in small pieces – walk back and forth in your house if it’s too cold to go outside, or you can’t do a long walk. Just move. Go to a mall and do some window shopping (tuck that credit card away- you are there to walk, not buy).
  4. Yoga poses will help keep you flexible. Here’s a video from Dr. Loren Fishman that addresses 12 yoga poses that you could do. This was designed for people with Osteoporosis. There are 2 different options for your own ability, give it a look. Yoga is also very helpful to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.

You Can Do This In The Grocery Store!

While standing it’s good to keep your knees slightly bent. Locking your knees will cause your body to come out of alignment and put strain on your knees, back and neck. Pull your belly to your back and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, and SMILE.

Standing tall with a big smile will make you appear younger and will make you feel better as you open the door to 2020. 

Skeleton Celebrating
Welcome 2020

A Great Stretch to Help You Stand Straight When You’ve Been Hunched Over Those Devices – And it Feels GOOD

Doorway pectoral stretch

  1. Stand in a doorway and place forearms on each side of the door frame with elbows at shoulder height.
  2. Slowly lean your chest forward through the doorway while maintaining chin tuck and standing tall.
  3. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat one repetition every hour.
  4. If you been hunched over, you will feel a bit of pull in your chest, just don’t overdo it, be gentle.

Sandi Feaster

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