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This is the last post in the series about The 4 Pillars. If you have missed the past few weeks of my posts, here’s a brief recap and links of what you missed.

The strong foundation

Having a strong foundation for your body is important. It will help you in a number of ways. You’ll look good having a nice tall posture. You will have the ability to do your daily activities with more ease and endurance. You will feel betterYou could even sleep better.  All of those lead to a healthy body and mind.

 I believe the 4 main pillars to good physical health are:

💪 Strength




These all work in harmony to help your body be strong and age well.  Even as I write this post 4+ weeks after beginning the 4 Pillars series, I believe more than ever that strength is most important. Muscle strength may be the foundation that supports the others.

I started out the posts with stability being the first pillar, and now I do believe that strength should have been first. Without muscle strength we are hard pressed to have stability, flexibility or endurance. It is entirely likely that I will go back and revisit this concept at a later date. What do you think? Add to to the comments below and tell me your thoughts.

Muscle strength

Muscle strength is very important to avoid sarcopenia as we age.  Sarcopenia, or muscle wasting is one of the leading causes of weakness in older people. Take a look at an older person (or look in the mirror) who is very thin – think sarcopenia unless you see some great muscle definition. It’s no different for people with some meat on their bones. If you don’t have much muscle, you are more at risk for falls, because you don’t have the foundational strength and stability. If you do have some muscle and you fall, there is a bit more padding around the bones to protect you.

1 in 4 people over 65 years of age fall. Even Oprah recently took a fall on stage. Some may blame the shoes, but it could be muscle strength and stability. So take a look at yourself and check, do you have muscles in your arms and legs? If you are heavier than you like, that’s OK if you have muscle. You can be healthy even if you are not at the weight you prefer.


You don’t need to go to a gym and lift weights, or walk a balance beam. You can do many of the necessary exercises at home that combine strength AND stability. I can show you how. Without good muscle strength, it is hard to have good stability and core, so let’s work on that in little steps. This is key to preventing falls and hip fractures.  Did you know that falls are one of the main causes of hospitalization in older adults? Yes, falls and fractures as we age are never good.


Being flexible is important for daily activities of living. Think reaching for a glass or plate in the cabinet or picking up the laundry, some dirt on the floor or a child. When you move fluidly you just feel better.


 Endurance will get you to the dance of aging. You want to go to the finish line light on your feet and dancing your way all the way to the last dance. It’s all about your healthspan and playspan that makes aging fun. It’s the time to do things we enjoy, be with people and family we enjoy, and just embrace each day. As BJ Fogg says, add more “SHINE” to the world. We need it!

Hopefully you can see how these 4 pillars are all intertwined.   Keep watching my video shorts on Instagram @sandifeaster for exercises to get your started and keep you moving.  If you want more help, please contact me via Instagram @sandifeaster and let’s have a conversation.

Hand washing under water with soap bubbles
Wash your hands!

Not than we need any more reminders, but I’ll say it. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face.

Sandi Feaster

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