Recreating a gym with items in your home – Today, your bucket

Good day! I am your #FrugalFitnessFriend. While most of us are staying safe in our homes and others may be out working, the reality is that if we go to a gym – they are closed.

If we don’t have equipment in our home, we just need to dig a bit deeper to what is right in front of us.

I will show you how you can use items in your home and turn them into pieces of equipment so you can create your own gym.

Today’s Exercise

Today’s exercise

Farmer walk, suitcase walk – this is what is called a loaded carry


If you are in a gym: you would normally use a kettlebell or hand weights.

Today we will use: A bucket, or a small suitcase

Why is this exercise good for you?

It works your:

  • Back,
  • shoulders,
  • biceps,
  • triceps,
  • and forearm.

It also strengthen your:

  • lower body,
  • including your glutes,
  • quads,
  • hamstrings,
  • and calf muscles.  

I like it for balance work

Adjusting the workout for you

You can add water or anything else to make it heavier inside the bucket to give it more weight, or just use it as is to get started – just be sure it’s not so heavy you lose your form.

Let’s begin the workout

  • Begin with taking a deep breath
  • Pick up your bucket
  • Stand straight, shoulders back, stomach in
  • Start walking (if you have a long hallway that is great, you can even walk in circles)
  • Keep looking ahead about 4 feet in front of you. This will help with stability and help you be observant of your surroundings (a great fall prevention tip)
  • Walk for 30 seconds or more
  • Switch hands

If you have more ideas for what you want to see, please respond in the comments. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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Sandi Feaster