5 steps you should not miss when customizing your own home workout

How to customize your own home workout in 5 steps. You can do this!

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The key ingredients to building your own workout is to use the five components listed below. Using these 5 components will give you a good full body workout.  You can adjust accordingly, once you have mastered the 5 components. Don’t forget that 6th as an extra bonus.

Remember just a little adds up. Think of it like adding pennies to a jar – pretty soon it’s real money.

The 5 elements to a great workout

  1. Cardio – I suggest minimum 5 minutes doing something to warm up and get your heart rate higher. Walking, running, jumping jacks, etc.
  2. Push – these exercises can be a floor push up, bench dumbbell push, pushing away from the wall anything where your arms are pushing (a big broom perhaps).
  3. Pull – this could be a row with an elastic band, something that resembles a row, pulling a rope, etc.
  4. Legs– my favorite are squats.  You can do them against a wall, you can do a single leg reverse squat, or knee raises. Something that will work your legs and glutes.
  5. Core– Sit ups are classics, Pilates 100s, bridge holds.  I also like the farmer walk where you get core and more.

Let me show you a quick exercise program I built for J with the items she had in her home.

The items were:

  • 4-pound Medicine Ball
  • Various size food cans
  • Steps and a step ladder
  • Mini Trampoline

Note: J has back issues and twisting is not a good motion for her

The Workout

Warm up (5 minutes)

Elevate you heart rate, warm your muscles

2 to 5-minute using the Mini Trampoline.

If you don’t have a mini trampoline, you can do jumping jacks, walk, jog or just dance around. Do something to get your heart rate elevated and your muscles warmed up. Do this for about 5 minutes at the beginning of the workout.

Arm work (push and pull)

2- 5 minute arm circuit using cans or water bottles – be sure the cans/bottles are the same size). Do each exercise 10x and repeat for 2- 5 minutes.

Arm Circle – Hold cans/water bottle in each hand and do small arm circles with arms held out at shoulder height. A round each of forward and backward to the count of 10.  Be mindful to not raise your shoulders to the ears. Keep the weight light. We are going for reps, not weight.

Arm Raises – Start with your arms down by your side, hold the cans or water bottles with palms facing down and control keeping your arms straight without locking the elbow.  Inhale, raise your up until they parallel to the floor. Then as you exhale, slowly lower your hands back to your side. Be sure you are standing tall, stomach in and don’t let your shoulders raise up.

This is a PUSH

Bicep Curls – Arms to the side, hold elbows close to the waist. Bend your elbow, pulling your hand(s) towards your shoulder slowly and with control. Your upper arm and wrist should stay still; only move your forearm from the elbow joint. Curl all the way up, leaving a little space between your hands and shoulders. Pause, and lower down slowly all the way to the bottom. Breathe!!!

This is a PULL

Triceps Kickbacks – Hold the cans like you are holding a hammer. Stand with your knees slightly bent and lean forward very slightly.  Keeping your back straight, bend your arms 90 degrees at the elbow so your triceps are aligned with your back and your biceps are perpendicular to the floor. Engage your core and your triceps and hinge at the elbow, lifting the can or water bottle up and back as you try and straighten your arm. Your triceps should stay still; only your elbow moves. Squeeze your triceps (that is the muscle on the back of your upper arm) and return back.

Legs and Core

Squat Hold with Medicine Ball Against a Wall

Hold Medicine ball (or you can use two water bottles held together) close to your body and do a slow squat and hold and take care to not let knees extend past your 2nd and 3rd toe. Squeeze your glutes and return to standing.

Squat hold for as long as you can hold (15 seconds – 2 minutes)  while maintaining good posture You can do this against a wall with your back flat against the wall and abs held in.

Extra credit push

Medicine Ball Push Outs

Return to standing and extend the medicine ball straight out in front of you and bring it back to chest 10-15 times. Be sure to keep your glutes squeezed and good posture with abs held in.  Don’t forget to breathe.  You can go side to side if you can tolerate twisting.

BONUS: Balance work – so important

Person balancing on a railing
Balance is important for things we do everyday

Balance with a step or step stool (I always like to add in balance as it provides core work as well).

Step up on a stair or step stool and raise the opposite leg and hold.  Use a rail, wall or counter for balance, if needed. Don’t fall!

Alternatively, you can raise your knee and balance for the count of ten or longer. 

No steps? Just do a single leg balance. Lift one leg (knee bent) and hold for the count of ten. Switch feet.

You can repeat the circuit twice or three times for a good overall workout that will last about 30 minutes.


Questions? Want your own workout?  Go to the contact tab and let me know what you would like.

Sandi Feaster


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