How agile are you?

Dog running through agility course

Remember a time when you tripped over a curb, rock, dog/cat, or toy?  Maybe you stumbled going up or down the stairs. Were you able to successfully navigate the stumble? The next time you may not be so lucky Unfortunately, the next time you may not be so lucky.  Just ask anyone who has sprained…

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Fall Fitness

Fall leaves

Are you ready to get fit this fall? Do you love fall as much as I do?   It always reminds me of going back to school, having more structure to my day, fabulous color changes and crisp air as fall progresses into winter. This is the perfect time to hit the STOP button on the…

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Good to be back

Growth Mindset

I’m Back!  After taking a few weeks break, I am ready to fill the big chair and I hope you will help me fill it up as well with your hopes, aspirations, goals AND actions. Let’s talk change While taking a break I thought about change and what makes us stay in our comfort zone…

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