Good to be back

I’m Back!  After taking a few weeks break, I am ready to fill the big chair and I hope you will help me fill it up as well with your hopes, aspirations, goals AND actions.

Let’s talk change

While taking a break I thought about change and what makes us stay in our comfort zone or make us leap out of it and make a change.

Does your comfort zone have you in a rut?  Do you really want to change, or does the thought of change make your boots shake with fear? 

Do you stay in your comfort zone because others tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t?

What’s your MINDSET? Fixed or Growth?

I speak often in my blog and on social media about mindset. There are two types: Fixed and Growth.

 Fixed mindset can keep us doing the same thing day in and day out, because we can’t even imagine what we can do.  The classic example is “girls can’t do math”.  When girls believe that, they are in a fixed mindset and then believe they really can’t do math.

Are the brain monkeys ruling you

Monkey with a brain

When we are in a fixed mindset, we let the brain monkeys rule us. Sometimes it’s even our friends and family that keep us stuck in the same place. They tell us we can’t.

You’re not alone in that thinking or that experience.

We all get stuck at some point along the road. Think of it like your car being stuck in snow.  You can keep spinning your wheels and still go nowhere.  Or, you can take a different approach.

What are your options?

1. Did you have a bag of sand or salt in your car to help with the snow? 

2. Can you find something in the road to provide you traction to get you out of the snow? 

3. Can you call for help?

Having a fixed mindset will keep the tires spinning.  Having a growth mindset will get you thinking about alternatives.

Let’s talk fear of change

Why do we fear change?

1. Our brain like to be in control.

2. Thinking about change makes us create a narrative that may or may not occur.

3. We are comfortable doing what we do and what we know. We have guardrails we can see.

3. We don’t want to fail, especially if we step outside our comfort zone.

What can happen if we embrace change?

1. Things many not go the way you wrote it in your mental storybook.

2. You may be criticized by those friends and family – or even your own monkey brain.

3. There may be unexpected twists and turns in the road.

4. You may actually fail.

Failure is only a stop, not a destination

So you have a choice:

1. Do the same and be the same.

2. Take a risk and possible fail.  But just remember, failure is only a stop, not a destination.

What are you afraid of?  Can you make a change?  What better time than now while we are still in the midst of the unknown. Don’t let fear and the brain monkeys get you.

You can be shaped by your fear, but not defined by it. What do you chose?

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