Got $1

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “I’m too old for this.” I would have many dollars in my jar. Are you going to add to my money jar?

Are you looking out the window, or are you moving.

Using age as an excuse to be unhealthy, unfit and physically inactive is just not acceptable in these times or any time.

Did you know?

  1. Global life expectancy is on the rise.
  2. People are living longer than ever before, due to advances in medicine.
  3. YOU have the option to decide how you want to spend your years. Do you want a long lifespan AND healthspan or would you rather take a wait and see attitude.
  4. Permanent disability and dysfunction isn’t as inevitable as you may think. Yes, we do have more wear and tear on our body as it ages just like a car as it gets older. If we treat our body and car well, it can last us a long time.

Do you want to be an elite ager

As we age, we also often see an increase in the time we spend sitting on the couch and being sedentary, particularly now, due to COVID. So part of what we need to do is getting out of our own mental funk and moving. It’s amazing when you start moving, the funk lessens.

We often think of elite athletes, but have you considered becoming an elite ager?

Strength training is imperative for older people

To become an elite ager we need to be strong so we can age well.  Being strong slows age-related muscle loss and strengthens bones, which helps to prevent falls and fractures.

Have a strategic goal to master aging and become an elite ager

Aging can have an effect on both strength and endurance but having a strategic goal to master aging can provide you the proper training stimulus that is unique to you. Arthritis, low back pain and meniscus tears are not reasons to avoid exercise, they’re reasons to modify exercise in a way that will not re-irritate old or existing injuries. Your health, your plan.

When I train myself and others, I focus on getting stronger by doing more reps. I often use body weight always making sure to STOP IF IT HURTS. I try to adapt what people can do during class, based on their particular issues.

Strategy tips you can do at home

  • Age does not necessarily mean you need to do less, it may mean just do it differently.
  • Starting or keeping up on your training allows you to keep your heart healthier for longer duration. Just because the world is crazy, we can keep ourselves healthy and active. We all need a strong heart!
  • The cardio respiratory system can be enhanced by adding in endurance training to your strength training.  It has never been more important to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. Remember those jumping jacks? You can do them!

The days of exclusively “pumping iron” are over for the elite ager.  We need the combination of strength, endurance, flexibility and stability training. That is the recipe for elite aging. Don’t forget a good healthy diet to go with that workout.

Want to know my favorite muscle

THIS IS NOT A TRICK QUESTION: What’s the biggest muscle in your body?

Diapered baby bottom
What is cuter than a baby bum?

It’s the gluteus maximum, also known as the glutes, bum, booty or butt.

That bum is your body’s hub for movement. It is your workhorse for ploughing the field of life. Notice how this baby is lifting its bum to help the legs move. Even early in life the bum is is doing its work.

How did we get glute amnesia?

We are spending too much time sitting. We are creating problems when our glutes gets lazy and develop what is called glute amnesia. That means it has checked out, taken a nap, not working anymore.

What happens when our glutes take that long nap?  Other muscles start kicking in to do the work, which can lead to issues with your back, hips, knees and feet. The bum, which should be strong and absorb the impact of the activity, is still asleep and letting the other muscles do its work. Not good! Let’s wake it up!

In my classes we do LOTS of squats, bridges and other exercises to strengthen and wake up the glutes.

BOTTOM LINE (yes, pun intended): Respect your bum. It’s so much more than meets the eye.

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Sandi Feaster