2 quick calming tips you can do RIGHT NOW

Feeling stressed and rushed? You are not alone in these unusual and stressful times. I will keep it brief and provide you with 2 quick tips you can do immediately to help you stay calm and slow down.

Stay calm

There are several ways to calm your inner mind, and there is no better time than right now to try and minimize the noise.

My two favorites

Two of my favorite tips are:

1. Meditation. If you’re not into meditation just take a long slow breath.

2. Develop a tiny habit that you can do immediately to help you slow down.

As a Tiny Habits coach, I was reminded by B.J. Fogg, PhD that there are things you can do to feel calmer by using the Tiny Habits technique. A few examples are listed below to get you started right now.

Design your own Tiny Habit

You can design a habit of slowing down with any one or all of the Tiny Habit recipes below. 

Tiny Habits recipes use the format of:   “After I ___________, I will ______________”

Example recipes

  • “After I realize I’m rushing, I will slow down 20%.”
  • “After I feel anxious, I will slow my movements until I feel calmer.”
  • “After I recognize tension inside myself, I will deliberately move more slowly.”

You can add “After I _______________, I will take ONE slow deep breath.”

Give these a try or check out my coaching section at Classes and Coaching below for more insights on Tiny Habits.   Don’t wait. Start your own Tiny Habit RIGHT NOW and calm your mind and slow down.

I wish everyone a very safe and calm week. If you need help with Tiny Habits, please check things out and reach out at the bottom of the Classes and Coaching section.



B.J. Fogg, PhD. Author of the New York Times Bestseller Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything

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