Dr. Bill gets his COVID vaccine

Dr. Feaster receiving his COVID vaccine

COVID VACCINE 2nd DOSE UPDATE: January 10, 2021 Bill had his second COVID vaccine on Friday, January 8th at 9 am. On January 9th about 4 am he woke to some joint ache (mostly his hands) and a mild headache. He took some Advil and felt better in the morning. In the afternoon of the…

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What Happens with Holiday Heart Syndrome?

Christmas Stocking with stethescope, pills and a heart. Hand with wine bottle

How often have we heard of someone at an office party grabbing their chest and collapsing on the ground?  We may not be having office parties this year, or we may be retired and wouldn’t be going to one anyway, but it can still happen WITHOUT the party. It’s not about your heart feeling heavy…

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Is the Holiday Season Stressing You Out?

Woman grabbing santa hat grimacing with lots of presents in her hand

Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves – Perma Chödrön Are you feeling stressed this holiday season? Oh, those holiday ads. Are they getting to you, too? Is your mailbox filled to the brim and your email has more ads than you can count? As Charlie Brown would say, sigh. Are you discouraged because…

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