Three words to banish mind gremlins and change your outlook

Are you a Booleader or Cheerleader? 

A new dawn, a new day

It was early morning when I walked into my kitchen. I saw the crumbs on the countertop and dirt on the floor. Why did I see that instead of the beautifully renovated kitchen?  The sun was shining that morning, the dogs were happily anticipating their morning kibble, and the birds were chirping. It was almost time to put on my workout clothes and get to work with people who want to improve their fitness level as they age.  Does life get better?  But no, those little gremlins invaded my mind with crumbs and dirt.

I HAVE to write my blog post

After teaching my fitness class, I sat down at my computer to begin writing my blog, and that blanket of darkness sat on my head again. Argh, who is going to read the stupid blog anyway?  The gremlins were in there tossing sticks and stones in my brain saying your writing stinks, there is nothing of interest on those pages, who cares, and I’m wasting my time.

So instead of doing my blog, I decided I will check my email.  That always provides a distraction and burns a ton of time.  Then I clicked on an article (link is below) that talked about the three words that can make you a negative person.

BAM!  It was not an Emeril food moment, but it was a real lightbulb moment or even a lightning strike.  It’s a fact that your mind prefers being a booleader (that is the opposite of a cheerleader).  I know there are many naturally happy and positive people out there, but they can also get sucked in by the booleader.  I always think back to those days in the office coffee room, it’s like a Bart Simson episode. Your colleagues start with complaining about this and that. Woops, slide right down that road like riding a sled down a hard packed snowy hill. It was straight and fast and right to the negative, bypassing any positive comments. Those good old coffee room days.

Cue the cheerleader

Cue the cheerleader with the lightbulb three-word hack. The cheerleader goes right to “I GET to (fill in the blank),” leaving the booleader still grumbling that “I HAVE to (fill in the blank).” A small, but mighty nuance.

Just that simple mindset or wordset change worked miracles for me.  As I was heading down the property to feed the Koi fish, I said to myself, “I GET to feed those wonderful fish.”  Feeding the fish was a joyful moment as they grabbed the fish food with vigor, even the baby Koi came to the top to take a few.  It turned a chore into a GET event.

My Post It

I placed a Post It note on my computer as a reminder just in case the gremlins get in the back door.  Will it stick? Maybe not 100%, but as Yoda said in Star Wars… there is no try, there is do or no do.  So, I will try and if I fail, I will try again. And now I GET to post this blog.  If you find it at all interesting, please forward it to a friend – I would appreciate it.

How about you?  Need a little help getting the gremlins out of your way so you can say “I GET to.” I have a few more hacks up my sleeve to make it easier to put those gremlins in their place. I invite you to go to my coaching tab if you want to talk further and try some ways to get the gremlins out and the beautiful chirping birds in.  Trust me, it can be done.

Have a comment about can you change your dialogue from HAVE to, to GET to?  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Three Words Are Making You A Negative Person

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  1. Ania Sullivan on July 10, 2021 at 6:53 am

    I liked this because it is to the point….and reality that can easily go to your thoughts. Being by myself all the chores are now in my corner.
    When a clock was not working right or something needed to maintain a car that was always Sully’s territory it is to go done to that rabbit hole of negativity.
    “I Get To” is a form of Tiny Habits. I certaintly will give it a go…almost like a gratitude saying.
    Thanks for the post.
    PS…I finally figured out to work your website…so I now “Get To” enjoy your thoughts on all things health

    • Sandi Feaster on July 12, 2021 at 4:20 pm

      Thanks so much for your thoughts! I love that you are embracing I Get To. It’s just a small mindset change, but it can be huge. Stay well!

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