10 alternatives to keep you from eating your leftover Halloween candy

What to do with all of that candy?

Do you find yourself digging into the Halloween candy BEFORE the trick or treaters arrive at the door?  Are you happy that you bought more than enough candy and did not give out every last piece?  You are not alone my friend.

When you bought the candy, did you get your favorite type just in case there was some left?  Or, are you one of those people who buy candy they don’t like to avoid temptation?

Where is my candy???

When all is said and done, there may be candy left at home and you know you shouldn’t eat it all, but what can you do with it? 

Are you going to hide that candy?

Here are some tips to keep you from creeping around and eating the entire leftover candy in a day or two. You know there is a secret stash where you hide it in your favorite place.  WINK, I won’t tell.

Some fun alternatives (unless you really want to eat it)

  1. Freeze it. Every now and then a little frozen treat tastes good.  You know it’s in the freezer (hide it), and it make taste yummy come July.
  2. Make a Halloween wreath next year, if you have any frozen candy left, ha ha.
  3. Use it for baking in cakes, cupcakes or on top of ice cream (what is better than crumbled snicker bars).
  4. Make a trail mix add some nuts just to make yourself feel better that it is healthy.
  5. Serve it to guests at Thanksgiving or before.  
  6. Give some to your delivery people (a little gift bag is always a nice token).
  7. Keep some in your purse.
  8. Stuff it in gift bags to give away.
  9. Make a November calendar (1 piece a day in little covered cups – like an advent calendar).
  10. Use it for holiday décor (think gingerbread house).
  11. Give it away.

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Sandi Feaster