T60 Fit Exercise Snacks: The Secret Sauce for Travel

Child with Doughnuts Over His Eyes

Exercise snacks are like the secret sauce for a vibrant travel experience, especially for older adults! Here’s why they’re your travel buddies: So, whether you’re exploring new horizons or chilling on a beach, remember: exercise snacks are your golden ticket to a fantastic, fun-filled travel adventure, no matter your age! Try these T60 Fit Exercise…

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What is an older adult’s superpower if they fall? It’s their triceps

man flying with a superman logo

Think Superman and Krypton, that’s your triceps.  Those triceps will help you off the floor if you take a tumble. Getting off the floor is truly a superpower. Strong triceps are essential for daily living activities Having strong triceps is essential for activities of daily living (ADLs) that require pushing, lifting, or supporting one’s body weight.…

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How the dash can influence your time here on earth

finish line with feet at the line

I came across The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis again  ( you can find the poem below) and I remember that I found this poem after my father passed away.  I miss him greatly and always think of the impact he had on my life. He encouraged me to seek a profession that I could…

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Weight Training is one of the most important things for older adults: How to get started

Older woman lifting weights

Strength training is incredibly empowering and beneficial to enhance the overall well-being of older adults. Here are some reasons why strength training is especially important: Enhances independence Enhances Independence: By improving muscle strength and mass, it provides you the physical capacity to perform tasks such as carrying groceries, climbing stairs, or getting up from a…

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Injured? Should you use Heat or Ice

a person holding their knee

Are you confused about whether you should use ice or heat when you have that ouchie?  Me too!  Just this past week two clients commented that they pulled something or have a swollen joint. Q: When do I use ice or heat What to do when you have a pull, swollen knee, or sore back? …

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Never Miss Twice

Child picking up stone

Never miss twice is a paraphrased quote from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. It speaks to why our New Year resolutions often fail. Imagine telling yourself on New Years’ Eve something like this, I will ____________in the New Year (fill in the blank) Does your resolution look like this? Exercise Eat Better Drink More…

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