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1 Strength Training Hack You Can Easily Do

Kids wrestling

It doesn’t have to be a herculean effort to increase your strength Does growing older cause loss of strength, energy and vigor?  Many people believe that is the reality. Actually, that is Fake News. We have been encouraged to retire and sit.  That sitting is the cause of loss of strength, energy and vigor. The…

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The 4 Pillars You Need To Reach 100

Man Falling Down a Step

A long life could be one of the greatest gifts that we are given to enjoy or one of pain and sadness.  Did you know that the second cause of people not traveling is because they do not feel physically fit. The first is financial. Fact The substantial gains in life expectancy are real and…

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The Circle of Life Can Be So Painful When Broken

Water with Rocks

The grief is real whether it’s a person who is close to us, a pet, or even someone we didn’t know.  This week, the death of Kobe Bryant and the others that perished on the helicopter, struck a cord in our lives. A very few of us knew any of those that were involved in…

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2020 is Your Year to Stand Tall and Strong

Standing Tall in 2020

We are at the top of a new decade, how exciting!  What is your vision for this decade? How well you live tomorrow is how well you treat yourself today. Unknown Think Strong and Tall for this Decade Your skeleton is key to keeping you upright and looking vibrant.  Ever notice an older person who…

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Wait! You can still stay on track during the holidays

The Grinch

The holidays are often one of the biggest saboteurs for staying well, remember the Grinch is not real, sorry. Eating well, keeping fit and staying to your routine will keep the Grinch at bay.  Developing YOUR strategy is key! Set a realistic goal to develop a plan that works with the flow of your life…

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Little steps will help you take charge of the holidays

Tiny Feet

We win with ONE Tiny Step at a time – here’s how. I was pondering my running routine and wondering why I fall short on the warmups.  Why don’t I do these warmups? I know the consequence of not doing them is generally some pull or another minor injury.  Sounds like a no brainer to…

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Is the Holiday Season Beginning to Stress You Out?

Stress or no stress

Are you starting to see all of those holiday ads for shopping, meals, and travel? Are you feeling behind in your shopping and holiday planning? Maybe it is just the general pressure of the holidays? Is all of this activity making your heart beat faster and your head spin? Me too! Try a little experiment…

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