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Do You Know? If Not, You Should.

Health Check

What do you regularly check? How often do you check your bank account?  It is one of the things I do first thing in the morning. Why? Just to check. How often do you check your social media feed?  First thing in the morning? Last thing at night?  All day long?  Can’t get enough Facebook?…

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Jet Lag: Does it get you every time?


Don’t you hate it!  You travel eastward and it takes days to get your mojo.  Even worse if you are traveling for business and have an early morning meeting.  Your body just wants to sleep and it is difficult to be be up and alert.   The reverse happens when you travel to the west. You…

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Back to school tips that will get you focused

Back to School

Remember how good it felt to get back to school and get into a routine.  The warm summer days that seemed to have little routine and idly continued until they abruptly ended, and school began. It was a shock when it was over, but also provided a sense of predictability and security as we settled…

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Fitness tips you should think about BEFORE traveling

Chablis Picture

When we go on vacation or travel for business, our fitness routine has a tendency to go on vacation as well.  It is important to keep a fitness routine while we are traveling (and even when we are not traveling).  Here are some tips that may help you hit your travel location prepared to keep…

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Survey Says

Check list

Ever wonder what social media everyone is using?  How about where they get their health information? I did a brief survey of the people that take my fitness classes as well as members of another exercise class that I attend. First, I want to thank those who did complete the survey, it was so kind.…

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Part III: Be Concerned


Yes, indeed we are growing!   If you look at the statistics from the World Obesity Federation, you can tell that we are on a very unhealthy trajectory. If you aren’t concerned, you should be.  The leading cause of death in Mexico is due to diabetes. The reason?  High carb food, cheap soda and low protein.…

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July 4th

Sparkles for July 4th Holiday

Have a wonderful and safe July 4th Holiday. We are working on Part 2 of our blog, which focuses on the work of Peter Fung, MD from The Obesity Code and more!

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Why can’t I lose weight, and keep it off? Part 1 of 3

Man eating doughnut

Are you one of those people who goes on a diet, loses weight, then gains it right back? Is your Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 30 (that puts you in the obese category) according to calculations? Is your waist measurement bigger than your hips? Eat Less Move More You and I have always been…

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How To Utilize The Big 4 To Keep You Working Into Your 70s

Person working at their desk

Written by William Feaster I plan to work well into my 70’s.  Why?  Well, most importantly, I like what I do and have a lot more value to add to my profession.  Second, I don’t yet see myself being successful in retirement.  I’m not likely to enjoy keeping busy with hobbies and golf, and there’s…

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