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If you are a planner you should know about POLST

chess board showing checkmate

How you want to live and how you want to die. You choose. Sorry to be so grim, but the elephant in the room is often present when we talk about death and dying.  We may have our legal advanced directive that spells out our wishes, but do we have a document from our physician…

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Are you prepared for your angel wings

Angel sleeping

Earning your Angel Wings, are you prepared? In this time of COVID-19, there have been colleagues, family and friends lost and those that have recovered. During this pandemic and beyond, it is imperative to get your affairs in order. COVID-19 and other health issues don’t wait for the right time. While we endure this pandemic…

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Old vs. Elder: What do you prefer?

Albert Einstein picture

Old versus Elder: What term do you use or prefer? What is Old? The kid across the street yells to his friend “the old lady is out walking her dog again” These word choices are often hotly debated in the over 60 crowd. What is social acceptable and what is personal preference?  We often use…

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The elephant in the room – food

Baby Elephant walking by the water

Eating more during this time of uncertainty, stress and isolation? Are you tempted by the chips, candy, cookies and crackers? Digging deeper into the pantry or cabinet during the day? The elephant in the room is that we are stressed, maybe bored, and just off our game and may be eating things we normally don’t…

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Got a chair? Got 10 minutes?

Chairs at a table

Do you feel like you will never get unglued from your chair? Hunched over a kitchen table? Well, by popular demand here are some more chair exercises. Arm strengthening with your chair Use your arms to build strength and muscle tone HOW TO DO IT:  Sit on the chair with your back straight.  Hold the…

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You can drink from it AND you can exercise with it

Person grabbing a water bottle

Exercise hacks you can do with water bottles A water bottle or two can be one of your better pieces of gym equipment while you are staying home and hopefully socially isolating. Don’t have water bottles? Use a can, cleaning solution bottle, shampoo bottles, baby bottle. As long as you have two of the same…

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