Think you can’t reinvent yourself at 60-70-80? Yes, you can!

Steering the boat

Think you can’t reinvent yourself at 60-70-80? Think again and don’t be afraid! Success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan – Santosh Naidu Were you inspired by the Summer Olympic athletes? If you watched the summer Olympics , you could almost feel the athletes joy when they won. It’s hard to imagine their journey,…

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Are you beginning to peek out?

Dogs peeking their heads out

Here we are at the beginning of July and the half-way point in the 2021. Are you feeling like you are ready to get out of the pandemic blues and perhaps hit the reset button? One thing I like to do is to reflect on my New Year’s Resolutions and see if they stuck. This…

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Are you listening? What you wish you learned earlier.


Make today, THE DAY. Here is a quote from a person with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) who answered the question what you wished you learned earlier in the Parkinson’s Disease Forum (reference is at the end). What you wished you learned earlier …”what I wish I had, “Listened,” to more rather than, “Learned,” is the importance…

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Excuse 3: I don’t know how to get started


I feel like the dumbbell I don’t even know what the f*ck to do or where to begin.  That was what I said to myself, in utter exasperation. When I was in a gym by myself and really had no idea what exercises to do or the amount of weight to use so I watched…

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Excuse 2: I’m not motivated

You can’t seem to get started Often the “thing” you want to do (think New Year’s resolution), is the “thing” you can’t seem to either get started or maintain. Why is it so difficult? There may be a few reasons why it’s difficult. 1. Too BIG. That “thing” is just too big of an aspiration…

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