Child with Doughnuts Over His Eyes

T60 Fit Exercise Snacks: The Secret Sauce for Travel

Exercise snacks are like the secret sauce for a vibrant travel experience, especially for older adults! Here's why they're your ...
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man flying with a superman logo

What is an older adult’s superpower if they fall? It’s their triceps

Think Superman and Krypton, that’s your triceps.  Those triceps will help you off the floor if you take a tumble. Getting ...
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dominoes falling over

Don’t be a Statistic and Die: The Importance of Fall Prevention and Floor Mobility

We don't plan to fall, but it happens As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it's ...
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finish line with feet at the line

How the dash can influence your time here on earth

I came across The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis again  ( you can find the poem below) and I remember ...
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