Woman grabbing santa hat grimacing with lots of presents in her hand

Is the Holiday Season Stressing You Out?

Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves - Perma Chödrön Are you feeling stressed this holiday season? Oh, those ...
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Man sitting on couch in a bathrobe watching TV

Is the pandemic causing you to be detrained?

Have you been spending more time sitting and watching TV? Are you feeling a tad weaker and less energetic then ...
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Feet under a blanket poolside

Free the feet: 3 reasons why I like barefoot workouts

I like doing workouts barefoot, when I can. When I teach my Zoom T60Fit home fitness classes, I encourage my ...
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w sleeping dogs

2 quick calming tips you can do RIGHT NOW

Feeling stressed and rushed? You are not alone in these unusual and stressful times. I will keep it brief and ...
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