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Christmas Stocking with stethescope, pills and a heart. Hand with wine bottle

What Happens with Holiday Heart Syndrome?

How often have we heard of someone at an office party grabbing their chest and collapsing on the ground?  We ...
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Woman grabbing santa hat grimacing with lots of presents in her hand

Is the Holiday Season Stressing You Out?

Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves - Perma Chödrön Are you feeling stressed this holiday season? Oh, those ...
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Man sitting on couch in a bathrobe watching TV

Is the pandemic causing you to be detrained?

Have you been spending more time sitting and watching TV? Are you feeling a tad weaker and less energetic then ...
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Feet under a blanket poolside

Free the feet: 3 reasons why I like barefoot workouts

I like doing workouts barefoot, when I can. When I teach my Zoom T60Fit home fitness classes, I encourage my ...
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