Lock and Key

Part II The Myth: Eat less, move more. The Reality: It’s not that simple.

Why are we getting fatter?  Around the globe we are growing in size.  As our weight spirals out of control, ...
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Sparkles for July 4th Holiday

July 4th

Have a wonderful and safe July 4th Holiday. We are working on Part 2 of our blog, which focuses on ...
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Man eating doughnut

Why can’t I lose weight, and keep it off? Part 1 of 3

Are you one of those people who goes on a diet, loses weight, then gains it right back? Is your ...
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Person working at their desk

How To Utilize The Big 4 To Keep You Working Into Your 70s

Written by William Feaster I plan to work well into my 70’s.  Why?  Well, most importantly, I like what I ...
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