Chairs at a table

Got a chair? Got 10 minutes?

Do you feel like you will never get unglued from your chair? Hunched over a kitchen table? Well, by popular ...
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Person grabbing a water bottle

You can drink from it AND you can exercise with it

Exercise hacks you can do with water bottles A water bottle or two can be one of your better pieces ...
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Woman with towel on her head screeming

A towel is more than something to dry off with

Towel stretches – Feels Good, Helps with Flexibility, Helps with Posture, and More Today we are going to do some ...
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Stay home and workout with me, picture of a bucket

Recreating a gym with items in your home – Today, your bucket

Good day! I am your #FrugalFitnessFriend. While most of us are staying safe in our homes and others may be ...
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