Dear future i am ready words written on the road

You are retiring or retired, now what?

In my last post, I talked about the myths of aging. Those myths range from “everyone who is older falls” ...
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Myths Written In Block Letters On A Black Board

Why do myths about aging exist? 5 myths we should debunk right now.

First, we must ask ourselves, what is a myth?  The dictionary defines a myth as: A traditional story, especially one ...
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Clock with a peg stuck

3 reasons you keep postponing the things you want or need to do

How do you feel when you find yourself saying,  I didn’t get to it? Do you reach the end of ...
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Life Hacks Written With The Help Of Blocks

Daily hacks to improve your balance

Did you know that professional golfers can balance on one leg for over 20 seconds WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED?  If ...
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