Arrow pointing Upstream, not downstream

Do the same and be the same. Do you want the same in 20 years from now?

What does 10 or 20 years into the future look like to you? Well over 10 years ago I picked ...
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Image of someone opening a jar

Hard to open a can? Decreased hand grip can mean something much more serious.

I’m in the kitchen making a sandwich. I love pickles and must open a new jar. I twist and twist ...
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Check list

Five MUST DO steps to a better dialogue with your healthcare provider

Five steps to communicate your medical problem in 5 minutes or less You have a very few precious minutes to ...
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Three words to banish mind gremlins and change your outlook

Are you a Booleader or Cheerleader?  A new dawn, a new day It was early morning when I walked into ...
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