Aging and Longevity

X Ray of a Broken Leg

Save your hip from a break by turning on your fast-twitch muscles

Notice where she fell (her hip) When was the last time you fell or nearly fell?  Did you catch your ...
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amino acid

Does it matter how you get your protein?

Are you feeling a bit weaker this holiday season? Are you feeling a little weak? Are those grocery bags a ...
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Man looking surprised and making a face

3 reasons your NY resolutions will fail. Why you should make them now!

Let’s get real about 2023. What?  It’s only November and I’m talking about NY resolutions.  Yep!  What was your 2022 ...
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Dear future i am ready words written on the road

You are retiring or retired, now what?

In my last post, I talked about the myths of aging. Those myths range from “everyone who is older falls” ...
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Myths Written In Block Letters On A Black Board

Why do myths about aging exist? 5 myths we should debunk right now.

First, we must ask ourselves, what is a myth?  The dictionary defines a myth as: A traditional story, especially one ...
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Life Hacks Written With The Help Of Blocks

Daily hacks to improve your balance

Did you know that professional golfers can balance on one leg for over 20 seconds WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED?  If ...
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Turning 60 and Beyond

Don’t fall, because if you do your chances of falling again double

I am reposting this blog about balance and falling again. Given the high-profile recent fall and death of Ivana Trump, ...
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Turning 60 and Beyond

Have you asked a loved one about their stories; ones you can cherish?

We are now coming out of the pandemic and can once again visit with friends and family. I wanted to ...
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Breath Word on Gray Background

2 quick tips to keep you breathing better when you are scared, angry, or even happy

Breathing, it’s the first and last thing we do in life.  The breath is our body’s bookends. Without breath, we ...
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Sketch Painting of Man Walking on Street

3 mindset changes that will take you from an amateur to professional ager

When I think of what a professional ager looks like, I think of two of my fitness clients, Judy and ...
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