Exercise and Fitness

Older woman lifting weights

Weight Training is one of the most important things for older adults: How to get started

Strength training is incredibly empowering and beneficial to enhance the overall well-being of older adults. Here are some reasons why ...
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Man looking surprised and making a face

3 reasons your NY resolutions will fail. Why you should make them now!

Let’s get real about 2023. What?  It’s only November and I’m talking about NY resolutions.  Yep!  What was your 2022 ...
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Life Hacks Written With The Help Of Blocks

Daily hacks to improve your balance

Did you know that professional golfers can balance on one leg for over 20 seconds WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED?  If ...
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Turning 60 and Beyond

Don’t fall, because if you do your chances of falling again double

I am reposting this blog about balance and falling again. Given the high-profile recent fall and death of Ivana Trump, ...
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Picture of a present

Who doesn’t like free?

I don't do this often, but I want to offer you something FREE in June June Why? Because I love ...
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posterized pic of a child climbing on a jungle gym

Endurance versus Muscular Strength: Three Reasons Why You Need Both

Endurance & strength is needed to do this Go longer, go stronger.  If you can use your muscles for an ...
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Being strong does not mean you have to look like Arnold

We often think of Arnold or Rock when we think of lifting weights and bodybuilding. A client recently asked me ...
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Hand pulling toes backward demonstrating flexible ankles

Hips or knees bugging you. Why it might actually be your ankles.

My knees hurt I can’t begin to tell you how many people I talk to that complain about “bad knees.” ...
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Wet Mop on Green background

5 quick tips to eliminate back pain while mopping or vacuuming

Do you experience pain while mopping or vacuuming?  Dread vacuuming or mopping because you know your back will hurt when ...
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Boy with book on his head

Want to look 5 years younger, 5 pounds lighter, and appear more confident

Do you want to look 5 years younger, 5 pounds lighter, and appear more confident? The next time you walk ...
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