finish line with feet at the line

How the dash can influence your time here on earth

I came across The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis again  ( you can find the poem below) and I remember ...
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Suitcase with travel map

Have a medical emergency when out of the country?  What should you do?

It can be frightening when you are traveling and you or your family/friends get sick. It’s bad enough when you ...
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a person holding their knee

Injured? Should you use Heat or Ice

Are you confused about whether you should use ice or heat when you have that ouchie?  Me too!  Just this ...
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Child picking up stone

Never Miss Twice

Never miss twice is a paraphrased quote from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. It speaks to why our New ...
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Myths Written In Block Letters On A Black Board

Why do myths about aging exist? 5 myths we should debunk right now.

First, we must ask ourselves, what is a myth?  The dictionary defines a myth as: A traditional story, especially one ...
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Clock with a peg stuck

3 reasons you keep postponing the things you want or need to do

How do you feel when you find yourself saying,  I didn’t get to it? Do you reach the end of ...
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Turning 60 and Beyond

Have you asked a loved one about their stories; ones you can cherish?

We are now coming out of the pandemic and can once again visit with friends and family. I wanted to ...
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Breath Word on Gray Background

2 quick tips to keep you breathing better when you are scared, angry, or even happy

Breathing, it’s the first and last thing we do in life.  The breath is our body’s bookends. Without breath, we ...
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Are you the tortoise or hare when it comes to making progress?

Measure growth How do you know you are making progress? Remember being measured as a child against the wall as ...
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Picture of a hand with various brain functions

Your brain is your CEO. Is your CEO giving you the best advice?

Why do you make changes? When you are developing a plan to fit something you want to do into your ...
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