Turning 60 and Beyond

CPR Week – YOU could save the life of someone you love

It happened at the end of my driveway - True Story Dog at the door One morning I was working ...
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chess board showing checkmate

If you are a planner you should know about POLST

How you want to live and how you want to die. You choose. Greet the Elephant in the Room Sorry ...
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man carrying coffee looking at phone

What about Facebook or your other social media accounts if something happens to you?

I couldn't let last weeks post go by and not have a bit more to say. We hate to talk ...
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Angel sleeping

Are you prepared for your angel wings

Earning your Angel Wings, are you prepared? In this time of COVID-19, there have been colleagues, family and friends lost ...
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People isolated at home

Quick tips for dealing with isolation. It’s normal to be anxious, but there are things you can do.

It is common to experience anxiety & fear during isolation according to Lawrence Palinkas, Professor at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of ...
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Water with Rocks

The Circle of Life Can Be So Painful When Broken

Words of comfort are needed when someone is grieving The grief is real whether it’s a person who is close ...
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Puppy trying to get back to shore

Getting stuck when either overwhelm or the perfect gets in your way?

Has this ever happened to you? Here we are midway through January. How did you do with that New Year ...
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The Grinch

Wait! You can still stay on track during the holidays

The holidays are often one of the biggest saboteurs for staying well, remember the Grinch is not real, sorry. Eating ...
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Tiny Feet

Little steps will help you take charge of the holidays

One Tiny Step We win with ONE Tiny Step at a time – here’s how. Not exactly the warmup I ...
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Retro Style Lettering Quotes and Phrases

Is the Holiday Season Beginning to Stress You Out?

Feel like you are running out of time? Are you starting to see all of those holiday ads for shopping, ...
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