Piano keyboard

Piano Lessons can help you gain any skill you are trying to achieve

Did you ever take piano (or other musical instrument) lessons as a kid? Yep, I did! I also played cello. ...
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Turning 60 and Beyond

Hugs from small children, love them? Can you squat down to get those hugs?

How does it feel when you pick up a small child and get that great hug?  Do you squat down ...
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Turning 60 and Beyond

Could your balance problems be not eating enough protein

Was your mother wrong? Did you know that loss of coordination could be a protein problem?  And to think Mother ...
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Stay home and workout with me, picture of a bucket

Recreating a gym with items in your home – Today, your bucket

Good day! I am your #FrugalFitnessFriend. While most of us are staying safe in our homes and others may be ...
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Wishing everyone safe during the California fires

Just a quick note to wish my fellow Californians well as we all are impacted in some way or another ...
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Back to School

Back to school tips that will get you focused

Remember how good it felt to get back to school and get into a routine.  The warm summer days that ...
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Check list

Survey Says

Ever wonder what social media everyone is using?  How about where they get their health information? I did a brief ...
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Sparkles for July 4th Holiday

July 4th

Have a wonderful and safe July 4th Holiday. We are working on Part 2 of our blog, which focuses on ...
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