Classes and Coaching

Fitness Classes

Have you wanted to start exercising, but you are not comfortable either going to a gym (especially now) or doing it on your own?

T60Fit is for you.

Why T60Fit? I am a certified corrective exercise specialist and senior fitness specialist as well as a registered nurse who has worked with people with chronic health conditions for years, I get the issues.

T60Fit classes days and times (all times are in Pacific Time Zone) are listed below.

Mon/Wed/Fri   8:00 am  Total Body

Tues/Thurs      7:30 am  Strength

                           9:30 am  Stability

                          10:00 am Total Body

Classes are designed for people 55 yrs and older.

About the classes. All levels of fitness are invited. The classes focuses on Functional Fitness, which includes, strength, stability, flexible and cardio. Exercise modifications are offered during class according to the participants needs.

Total Body - 45 minutes with the first 30 minutes standing and the remaining 15 minutes are on the floor doing mat work. We work with and without resistance bands, the participant can choose to use more or less resistance.

Strength - 30 minutes and more advanced class which uses weights, resistance bands and body weight. You will need the ability to get down and up from the floor with ease.

Stability - 30 minutes focusing on balance, stability and agility. It is designed for any level of participant wanting to improve their balance and stability and stave off falls.



SPECIAL 2021 OFFER - $49/month for unlimited online classes (via zoom) AND a 30 minute fitness assessment and consultation included with your first month.

To sign up, or ask more questions, click the red button above or click here

Habit Change and Wellness Coaching

Have you ever wanted to start a new habit?

You may think, "I'm too old to change," or "I don't know where to start", or "I can never make my new habits stick."

Let's rethink the process, because you can do it and be successful. I can help you.

As a certified Tiny Habits coach, I can help guide you to better fitness, better sleep, better eating by starting small and building on habits. You can “enroll in a FREE 5-Day Tiny Habits course” with personalized coaching from me to get you started. If you want to take what you learned and build on it yourself, that fine or go to the next level with continued coaching to make even more transformational changes.

As Confucious said “All people are the same; only their habits differ.” Let's work together to change and grow your habits.


I regularly hold zoom classes on how to develop new habits, break bad habits and growing tiny habits to large sustainable habits. If you are interested in attending a class, click on the link below.

Pams sketch
Pam's sketch

Pam’s Story: She became the artist of her week in just 5 days.

Pam decided to give Tiny Habits a try. She enrolled in the 5-day Tiny Habits program to get her art groove back. In Pam’s words I have left my art making so many times in the past.

Her tiny habits helped her rediscover her art.

The recipe for Tiny Habits is AFTER I..., I WILL...

Here is Pam's recipe:

AFTER I turn the kitchen lights on in the morning, I WILL open my sketchbook

She used the prompt (opening the sketch book) to develop her next Tiny Habit:

AFTER I Fix my morning cup of coffee, I WILL set my phone timer for 30 minutes

The top picture is her sketch from early in the week.

As the week progressed, so did her enthusiasm and clarity of the work. “It brings me joy, and I celebrate just getting started every morning now. The grateful gesture, and the 30-minute timer make me more aware of the time I have to accomplish good things. Reporting to you makes a big difference also!”

By the end of 5 days, Pam was successful in creating her habit of rediscovering her art.

“The painting and drawing became the habit I knew I wanted to tackle every day. Congratulations to myself for being the artist of my week!” – Pam

I couldn’t think of a better way to say this and I am so proud of Pam. Her work is beautiful and her ability to create art is now a habit.