Go Tiny

Happy New Year. 2021, it couldn’t have come soon enough. So now what? Remember hearing the term BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAG). Those of us in business heard that often during strategy meetings and annual updates.

Today, January we see all the ads to get fit, get thinner, do this and do that. I’m sick of it, are you? This year is so different in so many ways.

Instead of going BIG, I am going TINY. Why, because I want to win at my goals! Using the foundation of B.J. Fogg’s work on Tiny Habits – I am recommending that we start SMALL for the WIN. Here is how I am going to do it.

Goal for 2021

Get Stronger


No gym, go equipment, no motivation


Start tiny. It only takes Five Minutes a Day. You can download my FREE Better Strength and Balance in Five Minutes a Day by clicking HERE, or hopping over to my Free Resources tab.

Go to my Free Resources Tab to download my tip sheet

You certainly have Five Minutes a Day to spare, don’t you? Don’t be a New Year Resolution Loser, be a New Resolution Winner by starting TINY!

Sandi Feaster

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